Awakening the Shakti within

Navratri Yagnya

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Purnam, Auroville

Mother, Who Art Thou?

Who is the Mother? We welcome Navratri and celebrate it in different parts of India as Aradhana of the Devi, the Shakti, the Mother. But who is the Mother? Does she exist out there? Or Does She also exist in here? How do we tap the power of the Shakti within?

10th April, 2024, Wednesday: Discovering The Mother of Wisdom, Maheswari

13th April, 2024, Saturday: Discovering The Mother of Strength, Mahakali

15th April, 2024, Monday: Discovering The Mother of Harmony, Mahalakshmi

17th April, 2024, Wednesday: Discovering The Mother of Perfection, Mahasaraswati

During this yagnya, we shall be reading The Mother from Sri Aurobindo, collectively chanting, meditating and painting. Be on time, come prepared with colours & a journal and give your 100%. Register below to join us.

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