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Purnam emerged as an outgrowth of Auroville Campus Initiative (ACI) which was an educational initiative formed in 2012 under the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER) of Auroville Foundation to develop higher education possibilities of Auroville. Youth from around the world were already flocking to Auroville searching for meaning and purpose in life but there were no structured courses available at that time.  Manoj Pavithran joined ACI in 2015 and was instrumental in launching the first course called Swadharma for the youth (age 18 – 30) of the world in 2016. Divyanshi Chugh joined ACI in 2018 and the collaboration between Manoj and Divyanshi led to the development of a series of courses and projects. Meanwhile a formal unit called Purnam Centre For Integrality was registered in 2021 under Auroville Foundation to consolidate all the projects.

In 2023 Purnam Community was launched with membership subscriptions and bunded courses to facilitate long term learning journey for the seekers who thirst for spiritual progress.

Projects 2016 – 2023

  1. Swadharma – 2016
  2. Svadhyaya – 2018
  3. Re-imagining University – 2018
  4. Integral Education Portal – 2020
  5. Integral Education Wiki – 2020
  6. Savitri Painting – 2020
  7. Savitri Art – 2021
  8. Swadharma Online – 2021
  9. Purnam Labs with 45 Practices  – 2021
  10. Purnam Community – 2023


Find Your True Calling

2016 – 2021, 5 week in-campus course, 9 cohorts, 135 alumni


Two films, one on the on-campus experience and the other about the online experience.

Swadharma, launched in 2016, was our first in-campus course of five weeks duration. The purpose of the course was to help young people find their true calling based on their soul’s aspirations. The course was a great success and attracted students from around the world. We had two cohorts per year and after 8 cohorts came the Covid lockdown of 2020. We launched an online version of Swadharma in 2021.

Meanwhile, Purnam Labs were launched in 2021 and many core modules of Swadharma grew into independent courses in themselves on the Purnam Labs.

In 2023 when we launched the Purnam Community with year-long membership,  the course contents of Swadharma have merged into the Silver Membership  bundle of courses.


The Study of Self

2018 – 2022, 6-Week Online Course, 4 Cohorts

Svadhyaya is a beginner-level course to know and explore oneself and the world using the key ideas, vision and transformational practices as developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Savitri Painting

Paint Your Soul

2020, 6 week online course, 4 cohorts

Savitri Painting is a method to move inward into greater depths of your being through art, music and poetry. It is a means of sensing your soul movements and expressing them through painting. This is an opportunity to learn to see the unfolding of your soulscape and further refining your aesthetic sense.

Purnam Labs

Purnam Labs

Practice Labs to Transform Ourselves with the Power of Sangha

2021, 45 Online practice labs

A drop of practice is better than an ocean of theories, advice and good resolutions. However, making a transformational practice into a habit is tough. Despite habit trackers and motivational content, we fail. Our Practice Labs are designed to change this by leveraging the power of sangha for self-transformation.

Savitri Art

Painting as Sadhana

This project focused on using painting as a means of sadhana and a group of budding artists of Purnam community came together to create paintings based on Savitri and make an offering of 150 paintings for the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo.

On Feb 26 – 27, 2019, on the 51st birth anniversary of Auroville, Confluence on Re-imagining Univers-city was organised to set the ball rolling in the direction of building higher education in Auroville.

Re-imaginging Univers-city


Purpose of the confluence was to bring into focus the emerging future of Auroville as a place of higher education. It was not a proposal for any new university in Auroville instead it brought the idea that Auroville campus is a new kind of a Univers-city.

Thousands of interns and volunteers come here every year and weave their own learning journey. However, because of the lack of facilitated learning programmes, many of them stumble their way through. It is, thus, the Confluence focused on facilitating the building of well structured long-term learning programmes in Auroville for Auroville youth and the youth of the world.