Awakening Karmayogi

2.5 Hour Workshop

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Workshop On May 12th, 2024

Sunday 10 AM to 12:30 PM, IST
Manoj Pavithran | Divyanshi Chugh
Will Be Your Coaches


Take your first steps to

Discover the three stages of awakening and understand where you are now.

Understand why you fall back to old habits repeatedly despite taking up yogic practices.

Uncover 3 gifts from your soul within that unlock the doors to your true purpose & potential.

Use your daily life context and its activities as a means for your spiritual growth.

Move From Confusion to Clarity

A Framework To Navigate Your Awakening Journey

The Call

Learn to listen to the spiritual call and know where you are in the awakening process. Understand its universal patterns

The Churn

Navigate through the conflicts and inner churning on the spiritual path and use them to accelerate your journey

The Choice

Learn to make the choices to align with your soul in whichever context you are and avoid unnecessary delays and suffering

A New Way of Living Is Possible

This Journey is For You If You Are

A Changemaker: You are guided to live a higher purpose

Compassionate: You are connected to the world's pain

A Misfit: You feel disconnected from superficiality

A Karmayogi: You aspire to practice spirituality in daily life

Guided: Experiencing random coincidences & synchronicities

Workshop On May 12th, 2024

Sunday 10 AM to 12:30 PM, IST

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