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2.5 Hour Workshop

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Workshop On May 12th, 2024

Sunday 10 AM to 12:30 PM, IST
Manoj Pavithran | Divyanshi Chugh
Will Be Your Coaches


Take your first steps to

Discover the three stages of awakening and understand where you are now.

Understand why you fall back to old habits repeatedly despite taking up yogic practices.

Uncover 3 gifts from your soul within that unlock the doors to your true purpose & potential.

Use your daily life context and its activities as a means for your spiritual growth.

Move From Confusion to Clarity

A Framework To Navigate Your Awakening Journey

The Call

Learn to listen to the spiritual call and know where you are in the awakening process. Understand its universal patterns

The Churn

Navigate through the conflicts and inner churning on the spiritual path and use them to accelerate your journey

The Choice

Learn to make the choices to align with your soul in whichever context you are and avoid unnecessary delays and suffering

A New Way of Living Is Possible

This Journey is For You If You Are

A Changemaker: You are guided to live a higher purpose

Compassionate: You are connected to the world's pain

A Misfit: You feel disconnected from superficiality

An Aspiring Karmayogi: Seeking creative action in the world

Guided: Experiencing random coincidences & synchronicities

Workshop On May 12th, 2024

Sunday 10 AM to 12:30 PM, IST

Workshop Structure

What You’ll Learn

Part 1 

The Global Shift, 3 Stages of Awakening and the Call

Integral Spiritual Growth

Difference Between Awakening & Self-Realisation

Three Stages of Awakening

Three Characteristics of the Call

Two Signs of Awakening

Part 2 

The Churn, 3 Steps You Can Take and 4 Sacred Institutions

Values in Conflict

Three Stages: From Churn to Breakthrough

The Four Sacred Institutions and Biggest Churns: Family, Marriage, Work and Money

Reimagining the Four Institutions as a Karmayogi

All Life is Yoga & Three Accusations

Part 3 

The Choice, Gifts of the Soul and the Path Ahead

Stay in Your Context or Renounce?

The Three Choices You Can Make Now

The Core Choice: The Choice of Your Soul

Self Awareness Vs Self Mastery

Fragmentation: The First Challenge

Degeneration: The Second Challenge

The Three Gifts of Your Soul: Values, Force & Purpose

The Path Ahead

An adventure of purpose, creativity & joy awaits!

Our Purnam Community

Growing Together

Meet Your Coaches from Auroville

World’s Largest International Community Of Karmayoga


Divyanshi Chugh is a visionary educational leader, course designer, facilitator, and mentor. Her spiritual calling brought her to Auroville in 2018 where she is now pioneering and establishing a new educational paradigm that fosters integral growth as part of Purnam.

She designs and facilitates transformative experiential courses for adults based on the integral yoga psychology of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, yogis and seers. She is passionate about India’s spiritual gift to the world, and through her work, she envisions reviving the spiritual lustre in all aspects of life.

CEO and Co-Founder at Purnam

Graduate Psychology from Lady Shri Ram College, University of Delhi

MSc. in Comparative Social Policy, University of Oxford

One Year Integral Psychology Course, Indian Psychology Institute, Puducherry


Manoj Pavithran is an educational innovator, filmmaker, author, speaker and advisor. He has dedicated his life to the practice of Integral Yoga in Auroville for over 25 years and immersed himself in the profound teachings of this spiritual practice developed by the revolutionary yogi Sri Aurobindo.

Manoj has developed powerful courses to help facilitate inner and outer transformation for seekers – be it through journaling, his meditation courses or intensive learning journeys to find your true calling. He is a frequent speaker at different integral yoga & education forums and also acts as a growth and leadership consultant for NGOs

Director and Co-Founder at Purnam

Graduate in Production Engineering from TKMCE Kerala, India

Post Graduate in Product Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India

Find Your Tribe With Purnam Community

You don’t have to Walk this path alone

5000+ Seekers Impacted Across the World

10+ Years Of Experience In Transformative Education

25+ Years Of Lived Experience At Auroville: City Of KarmaYoga

Workshop On May 12th, 2024

Sunday 10 AM to 12:30 PM, IST

The Spiritual Gift of India to the World

We Are on A Mission to Create 50,000 Karmayogi Leaders Across India.

“Spirituality is indeed the masterkey of the Indian mind; the sense of the infinite is native to it.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get the link to attend the Awakening Karmayogi Workshop?

Once you register, you will get an email and WhatsApp message with all the necessary details. You’ll also receive reminders and updates as the workshop date nears.

Why is this workshop only ₹101?

This is an opportunity for you to know us, know the quality of our workshop and decide whether what we offer meets your requirements. It is like driving a test car. We do not want you to spend more money without knowing and trusting us.

When is the workshop and for how long?

Upcoming workshop is on Mar 24, 2024 from 10AM to 12:30PM IST. The main session will be for 2 hours followed by 30 mins for Q/As – please keep your time blocked till 12:30 PM.

Will I get the recording of the program?

No recording will be provided. We request your full attention on the workshop

If I miss attending this time can I attend this again?

No, you will need to sign up again for the next workshop.

What do I need to keep handy during the workshop?

Just an open mind and a book to make a lot of notes. Please ensure you connect from a laptop and not a mobile phone. Come on time or better 5 minutes before time. The room will be open 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. The workshop may extend by about 30 minutes because of the live flow and Q/As – please keep your time blocked till 12:30 PM.

How can I continue and accelerate my journey after the workshop?

Towards the end of the workshop you will be invited to our year-long community membership to deepen and intensify your journey of karmayoga. The workshop is your first step towards the membership.

Got Questions? We Got You!

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