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Thank you for signing up for the Purnam Retreat. Your next step is to complete your travel and accommodation bookings at the earliest! Rooms will get booked out very soon as August is a special month in Auroville.

Please go through this retreat guide to finalise your retreat logistics and share it with us as soon as possible.

Join the Retreat WhatsApp group using the link below as well.

Within a few minutes you will also receive instructions on email and WhatsApp.

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Click here to join the dedicated WhatsApp group for the Purnam Retreat to receive important updates and for co-ordination.

Join the Purnam Retreat

Retreat Contribution: ₹ 21,000 which includes all sessions with your Purnam coaches & sangha and lunch & snacks for the duration of the retreat.

Dates: 16th to 18th August, 2024

8 of the 26 spots still remain for the retreat.

Once you sign up, you will receive a detailed guide on the next steps and how to make your bookings.

For complete details, please see the brochure below.


Terms and Conditions

Welcome! You're about to join the Purnam Retreat in Auroville. To ensure a sacred, supportive and transformative experience for all participants, we have outlined the terms and conditions for the retreat. Please read it carefully.

  1. Participant Conduct and Safety Policy
    I understand and agree to abide by the following terms including:
    • Adhering to site and community laws & regulations.
    • Not using any illegal drugs.
    • Abstaining from consuming any alcohol.
    • Ensuring my actions do not compromise my own or another participant’s physical and/or emotional safety.
    • Dressing in modest clothing.
    • Disclosing to the organisers any physical, emotional, or cognitive issues/conditions that may affect you or others participants during the retreat.
  2. Dismissal Policy: I understand that if I break any of the above conduct and safety rules, the programme organisers can end my retreat participation. If this happens, I will cover my own travel expenses back home, and no programmme fees will be refunded.
  3. Non-programme Costs: The contribution includes all sessions with your Purnam coaches & sangha, lunch for Day 1 & Day 2 and snacks during the retreat. You are responsible for arranging your accommodation, travel, breakfast, dinner and any other expenses.
  4. Guidelines for a Fulfilling Retreat:
    • Turn off your mobile for the duration of the retreat.
    • Stay with the group throughout the retreat and avoid plans with friends/family.
    • Plan beach visits and shopping before or after the retreat.
    • We recommend you arrive on 14th, so you can witness the Auroville Dawnfire and Darshan in the Ashram.
  5. No Refunds: Important to remember that once you have made the contribution, we can not offer refunds.

Brochure With Complete Details

Here is a brochure on the Purnam Retreat with details on the day by day events, in-person sessions and meeting the Purnam Community in Auroville.

You will gain a sense of the soulful and enriching experiences that await you in the sacred atmosphere of Auroville.

Got Questions?

In case of any queries please reach out to us at info@purnamcommunity.in or WhatsApp us at +91 87001 05785