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Spiritual Seekers

Are you torn between…

Spiritual Calling Vs Social Responsibility
Becoming a Mond Vs Becoming a Change Maker
Financial Pressure
Professional Life Vs Personal Spiritual Quest
Spiritual Freedom Vs Yearning for Love and Relationships
Spiritual Sadhana Vs Mundane Chores of Life

Discover the Integral Path

And thrive…

Eating healthy food

What if all your daily activities are the means of your sadhana?

Financial pressure

What if your financial pressures can fuel your inner growth?


What if your spiritual growth doesn’t require you to become a monk?

Professional excellence

​​What if your spiritual growth is the foundation of your professional excellence?


What if your relationships are the mirrors that can accelerate your growth?

Social responsibilities

What if your social responsibilities are the very context of your inner growth?

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What Makes Purnam Unique?

Three foundational layers

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Purnam is based on the teachings of the revolutionary yogi and sage Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual collaborator known as The Mother. More than a hundred years ago he foresaw the evolutionary crisis humanity was heading towards. To overcome this crisis he developed Integral Yoga, a life-affirming spiritual practice to embrace and transform life on earth. 

Purnam is being built on this evolutionary vision of the future where humanity evolves towards its highest potential.

>> Read more: Sri Aurobindo  | The Mother

Auroville Dawnfire 2023


Purnam is part of Auroville, a universal city in the making in South India to realise the vision of Sri Aurobindo. Founded in 1968 by the Mother, Auroville is a live-in laboratory conceived as a city for 50k people. At present Auroville has around 3000 people from 59 countries.

This experimental township fosters spiritual growth, human unity and sustainable living, making it a beacon of hope for a better world.

>> Read More

Auroville Experience

Purnam is bringing years of experience in transformative coaching that has been developed based on Integral Psychology of Sri Aurobindo and successfully applied over a decade. 

The core team of Purnam are resident members of Auroville and we are bringing out to the world the lived experience of building a new society. For those who thirst for progress and want to build the society of the future,  Auroville is the laboratory of karmayoga where we build the future inside out by transforming ourselves.

Why Join Purnam Community?

Our innovative pedagogy is based on  Integral Psychology and its transformative praxis.


Learn systematically through our soulfully crafted courses, designed for practical application in every day life. Based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, our curriculum empowers you with knowledge and skills to accelerate your spiritual growth at your own pace in the very context of your life.


Your learning capacity multiplies when you learn together as a community and learn from supportive peers. Spiritual growth is personal and collective at the same time. 

Surround yourself with positive energies and inspiration that propel you towards unlocking your spiritual potential as a karmayogi.


Receive group coaching through regular live sessions with our coaches every week. 

Our expert coaches are dedicated to guiding you on your transformative journey. Discover your true potential and overcome the obstacles in your path with their unwavering support.

Who Should Join Purnam

Are you a young seeker who is…


Aspiring to live a life of meaning and higher purpose

Feeling torn between social responsibilities and their spiritual calling

Feeling values misalignment at work

Who aspire to learn how to practice spirituality in everyday life

Attracted to Sanatana Dharma, but wish to live spiritually, not religiously


I am very grateful for Manoj’s presence in my life. He has been selflessly helping me and many like me on our paths. I wish more and humans be positively impacted by his presence and his work.

Raam Kumar

Phd Scholar, IITM

I am immensely grateful to the mentors. The course has empowered me to know about myself and overcome fears and live authentically, expressing my true self. They are guiding lights in my journey.


Founder, MirraKi

Divyanshi is a remarkable individual who holds infinite love within her heart. Her love knows no limits and has the power to expand beyond boundaries. She consistently radiates a beautiful presence that inspires those around her. I believe her light has the potential to reach every corner of the world.

Shaily Shah

Grad, Columbia University

I am Grateful to Manoj for holding space for all of us with so much love, gentleness, a little bit of firmness (when it was needed). Thank you for sharing generously all that you have learnt and gathered through your sadhana & tapasya over the years.

Rahul Sharma

Software Developer, Talam, Auroville

Every intricately woven part of the course has inspired me – let it be sessions, content curation, sharing circles. I am deeply grateful that this course happened to me.

Dr. Radhika

General Surgeon, Doctor

I’m deeply grateful to Divyanshi for her transformative impact on our lives. Her invaluable guidance and support as a mentor and mother figure inspire us. Through her wisdom, she leads us on a path of growth. Forever grateful for being a guiding light. Thank you for catalyzing positive change.


Operations Consultant