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Intimate Partner Relationships

The Seeker’s Foundational Guide to Partnership, Marriage, Sex, and Children

Course with Divyanshi Chugh

Choosing a life partner is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make in your youth, alongside your career choice. It’s a decision that must be made consciously. As a seeker, navigating the complexities of partnership, marriage, sex, and children on the spiritual path is challenging. Traditional societal responses of social and legal marriage or Sanyasa are no longer sufficient. The spirituality of the 21st century demands a response that transcends these polarities.

It covers love, relationships, commitment, marriage, children, separation, being single, spiritual partnership, staying together, family, finances, emotional independence, and sex. This foundational master-course in partnerships is essential for all young seekers yet to marry.

₹ 15,000

Course Material

Love and Relationships
  1. Three Misconceptions About Love
  2. 3 Secrets about Relationships
Types of Relationships
  1. Is Everyone Meant to Have a Spiritual Companion As a Seeker?
  2. Three Kinds of Relationships
Preparing to Enter a Relationship
  1. I am Single, How Do I Find the Right Partner?
  2. What is My Ideal of a Relationship?
  3. The Three Slaveries
  4. How to Develop Sexual Wholeness
  5. How to Develop Financial Wholeness?
  6. How to Develop Emotional Wholeness?
        Building A Relationship
        1. After Awakening, the First Knight in the Shining Armour Arives!
        2. Taking First Six Steps To Building a Healthy Relationship
        3. The Five Aspects of a Relationship
        4. The Sixth Aspect of a Relationship
        5. At the Heart of a Lasting Companionship: Friendship
        6. If Engaging in Sex, How to Engage Consciously?
        Break Ups
        1. Transitioning from One Relationship to Another
        2. Separation During Awakening
        The Decision of Having Children
        1. Should I have children or not in my spiritual journey?
        2. I want to birth children, how do I move ahead?
        Why Not to Get Married?
        1. Two Common Reasons Why People Enter a Wedlock
        2. The Ticking Time Bomb of 30
        3. Do Not Make This Mistake Early on the Path
        4. Spiritual Romanticisation of Man-Woman Relationship
        5. Dangerous Love Affairs
        Partner is Not Aligned?
        1. My Partner Is Not Aligned with Me On the Spiritual Path
        2. Accepting Your Partner As It Is
        3. Love First, Oneness Later
        4. I am Married, Awakening Spiritually and Partner Does Not Understand!
        5. We are Aligned Spiritually, Then Why Are We Experiencing Problems?
        1. Your Favourite Case Study

        Time Commitment

        This self-paces course can be completed in 30 days for anyone willing to give 1 hour/day. 

        Real-Life Insights

        Gain invaluable lessons from 36+ case studies of fellow seekers, providing practical perspectives on love and partnership.

        Holistic Relationship Guidance

        Learn how to balance emotional independence with spiritual partnership, covering all aspects of family dynamics and personal growth.



        The Foundational Skill for Inner and Outer Success
        Course with Manoj Pavithran

        In the 21st century, attention spans are shorter than ever. Distractions abound, making it difficult to focus. Concentration is the foundational skill upon which all other skills and capacities are built. This course teaches you how to gather scattered threads of consciousness into a one-pointed focus, enhancing your ability to study, develop new skills, achieve goals, and embark on profound spiritual journeys.

        The course includes a morning practice based on Traatak, an ancient technique of focusing on a luminous point without wavering. The practice progresses through three levels: starting with concentrating on an outer flame and culminating in a deeply yogic practice of focusing on the inner flame within one’s heart with closed eyes.

        ₹ 20,000

        Course Material

        Why Learn Concentration
        1. Concentration Your Core Yogic Skill
        2. The Three Gifts of Concentration
        3. Concentration The Secret of Efficiency
        4. Concentration Brings the Joy of Work
        5. Concentration Increases Your Energy
        6. Concentration Makes Your Goals Blossom
        7. Concentration on the Divine
        Mastering Concentration
        1. Natural and Effortless Concentration
        2. What is Concentration?
        3. Impurity the First Obstacle
        4. Fragmentation the Second Obstacle
        5. The Three Pillars of Practice
        Four Levels of Practice
        1. Concentration Practice Level 1
        2. Concentration Practice Level 2
        3. Concentration Practice Level 3
        4. Concentration Practice Level 4

        Time Commitment

        This self-paced course can be completed in 14 days for anyone willing to give 1 hour/day

        Collective Practice Sessions

        Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7:00 – 7:20 AM IST with the community, featuring meditations in Manoj’s voice

        Build a Foundation of Unwavering Focus Methodically

        Anyone can learn to concentrate. Through a step-by-step process develop your ability to concentrate deeply and effectively.

        Yogic Journaling

        Learn to Source the Wisdom from Within.  Heal Yourself and Liberate Your Creative Potential

        Course with Manoj Pavithran

        In today’s world our minds are constantly stimulated and overthinking leads to stress and anxiety. However, there is a way to sort out our thoughts and bring clarity into our lives by accessing the deeper wisdom—the One Intelligence behind all life. Through yogic journaling, you will learn to shift your awareness from the outer being to the inner being actively through writing and receive guidance from your inner guide.

        This practice is also designed to help you deeply heal by writing to the inner child in yourself and in those you find difficult to forgive. It increases your self-awareness, helps you understand emerging patterns in your life, liberates your creative potential, and allows you to lead a life governed by your soul essence.

        ₹ 20,000

        Course Material

        Introduction to Yogic Journaling
        1. Six Benefits of Yogic Journaling
        2. The Key to Transformation
        3. All That You Need to Do the Practice
        4. The Seven Protocols of Practice
        Free Flow Journaling | The Foundational Practice
        1. What is Free Flow Journaling?
        2. Free Flow Journaling Practice
        Inner Guide Journaling
        1. What Is Inner Guide Journaling 📖🖊️
        2. How to Know and Name Your Inner Guide
        3. Inner Guide Journaling Practice
        4. A Note of Caution
        Inner Child Journaling
        1. What is Inner Child Journaling
        2. Preparing for the Inner Child Journaling
        3. A Note of Caution
        4. Inner Child Journaling Practice
        Conflict Healing Journaling
        1. What is Conflict Healing Journaling
        2. Conflict Healing Journaling Practice
        3. Conclusion

        Time Commitment

        This self-paced course can be completed in 14 days for anyone willing to give 1 hour/day. 

        Collective Journaling Sessions

        Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 7:00 – 7:30 PM IST with the community. Guidance in Manoj’s voice

        Tools to Find Inner Clarity & Wholeness

        Access the profound wisdom within you through 4 practices of Yogic journaling. Heal and grow by writing to your inner self.

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        ₹ 60,000 (paid over 3 instalments)